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▣ Florida no-body murder trial begins

posted by Admin on July 9th, 2017 at 3:38 PM

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Miramar mom's body never found but murder trial is moving ahead

Jury selection began this week in the murder trial of Cid Torrez, a Miramar man accused of killing his wife in 2012. Prosecutors aren’t sure how or when Torrez killed Vilet Torrez.
Rafael OlmedaContact ReporterSun Sentinel

No one has seen Vilet Torrez since March 31, 2012, when she vanished from her home in Miramar.

Prosecutors believe the mother of three is dead, slain by her husband, Cid Torrez, 43. And they’re willing to put him on trial for murder, even though they lack one of the most vital sources of evidence in any homicide case — the body.

“There’s no way to overstate how important it is to have the body,” said former prosecutor Gregg Rossman. “The body is usually the victim’s only way of speaking to us” through the evidence. The condition of the body usually tells investigators how and when someone died, whether he or she struggled, and sometimes, through DNA, who the victim struggled with.

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