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▣ Hawaiian man pleads guilty to no-body murder of son

posted by Admin on May 29th, 2017 at 10:27 AM

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‘Peter Boy’ gets justice: 20 years later after Hawaii boy’s disappearance, ‘dad’ takes plea deal
by Leigh Egan
April 6, 2017

Peter Kema Jr., also known as “Peter Boy,” was just a 6-year-old when he disappeared 20 years ago. His father, Peter Kema Sr., made a plea deal on Wedmesday, and promised to lead detectives to the boy’s body.

Peter Kema Sr, 46, pleaded “guilty” to manslaughter, along with hindering prosecution, in a plea deal that guarantees he won’t get more than 20 years in prison if continues to cooperate with authorities. According to a complaint filed by the The Hawaii County Prosecutor’s Office, Kerma Sr. will have to serve a mandatory minimum of six years and eight months before he’s eligible for parole. Prosecutor Mitch Roth said that he’s confident that Kerma Sr. will serve the majority of, if not all of the 20 years, behind bars.

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